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Life Coaching

Life coaching is a deliberate, intensely focused discovery and development process for reshaping your personal and professional lives. The process begins with your realization that you are unsatisfied with aspects of your life as they are. Are you? This is followed by a big second step: the decision to actually do something about it. But what? The third step- taking action- is the great separator between us and what could be. The closed and locked front door of step three is a frustrating and painful place to stay. Successful people in all walks of life, throughout history, have moved from step two into step three with coaching, and you can, too. Working with a coach enables you to develop clarity, draft a plan, and follow it to what you can only imagine now.

With the respectful guidance of your coach, you‘ll begin by creating a thorough inventory of what you believe about yourself, and what you imagine is possible — and impossible — for you. Your coach will guide you in revisiting the dreams you‘ve shaped along the way in your life, beginning from childhood, all the way through to where you currently go in your daydreams. You‘ll identify what you‘re good at, what you like and dislike doing, and with whom. Your coach will help you to recognize your defeatist and self-sabotaging attitudes and behaviors, and put them to work for and not against you. Together you‘ll identify your dormant strengths and underdeveloped power sources (we all have them) and work on activating them.

Through a series of exercises, experiments, and structured conversations, you‘ll develop clarity around what you value most, and create strategies and an agenda to begin shaping your new vision of what you‘d love your life to be like. Among the great benefits of working with a coach is that the coach maintains the "container‘ — the relentlessly focused time and space where you shape and reshape your vision and bring yourself incrementally closer to the life you imagine. Your coach will not let you forget what you intend.